Designer Opportunities


Designer Package - $750

Showcase your work!

What we need from you:

15-20 looks

Each designer will be appointed a professional MUAH Lead. All leads will be accompanied by at least 4 assistants. All MUAH's will be informed prior to event of your look and bring supplies for you!

All designers are required to submit look before event.

Designers will also be given models, if wanted, cast by Atlas Walks Fashion. We are willing to accommodate models for up to 20 looks, free of charge.

Accessory Designers - $500

Do you makes smaller more intimate items, such as shoes, jewelry, ties, hats etc?

Your designs will be worn on the runway, complimenting and enhancing designers and models.

This package includes a 10x10 vendor booth beside the runway to sell your products. You will have full access and opportunity to interact with VIP's, notables, designers, performers, guest, and models.

Your products can be the star of the show!

Designers Guests

Designers have the option to be accompanied by up to 2 personal assistants to assist with backstage operations. Addition assistants are optional as Atlas Walks will operate a complete backstage team.

Each designer is provided with 5 VIP premier tickets for the show.

Show designers may include as many private guests in General Admission as desired, subject to space.


Fast Photography is offered for an additional cost of $250

All photography received by Atlas Walks Fashion Productions from our many photographers will be organized and given to designers free of cost! Due to time for editing, this is strictly for those looking for edited photos within 48 hours.

A house photography team is appointed to shoot each Atlas Walks production. The house photographer will occupy the primary shooting position in the center of runway. Other press and media photographers will be admitted subject to accreditation and space limitations.

Designers who have opted for photography will receive a complete collection of high-resolution photography, featuring each look captured straight from the head of runway. Photography is distributed within 48 hours of the production.