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Dominique Calvillo- Namaste & Crochet

 Dominique Calvillo is an LA native who was taught Crochet by the women in her family. She began her journey as a crochet designer while working in South East Asia against human trafficking. Though helping women find freedom is the most profound experience of her life, she was immersed in the darkest parts of humanity and was experiencing extreme depression and anxiety. During this time she turned to Crochet as a meditation and art therapy. She now makes dresses to celebrate the freedom, strength and divine femininity in all women. Every piece is one-of-a-kind intricate crochet lace and 100% hand made by the designer.  Namaste and Crochet is a brand with a mission to promote conscious consuming and celebrate diversity.  

You can find her crochet line on instagram @namaste_and_crochet

and at


Simona Maghen

A Los Angeles native, Simona Maghen always had a flair for fashion.  As a child, she was often found

drawing at her easel, crafting with her hands and creatively expressing herself through her

clothing.  When she was in the fifth grade, she had already designed and named the label for her

future clothing line.  By the tender age of ten, her path in life was set. 

Simona’s love of fashion was first inspired by her mother’s sophisticated style and bold, feminine

ensembles.  Destined to become a designer, she got her first job in the industry two weeks after

earning her Bachelors Degree in Fashion Design from California State University, Northridge.  After

working as a designer for various clothing manufacturers for both junior and women’s contemporary

labels in the Los Angeles garment district, her designs eventually appeared in high-end retailers,

including Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Macy’s & Dillard’s.

In 2016, her dream of launching her own eponymous label, SIMONA MAGHEN was realized, and

SIMONA RTW, her company, was born.  Today, she designs from her Los Angeles studio with her

pieces showcased in boutiques both domestically and internationally.  Paying homage to her late

mother, each garment is adorned with a purple satin ribbon, a color detail associated with the line,

representing her mothers favorite color. 

At SIMONA MAGHEN, design is key.  The DNA and essence of the brand is in creating innately

feminine pieces that inspire confidence in every woman, thereby promoting inclusivity.  Coupling

quality design with a love of detailing, the style and construction of every dress is fit to flatter.  With

each timeless silhouette, experience the class and sophistication of a SIMONA MAGHEN garment. 

Simona invites you to follow her line on its evolutionary fashion journey:

IG @simonamaghen

Facebook: Simona Maghen (clothing brand)

Pinterest: Simona Maghen

Youtube: Simona Maghen / Simona RTW

For all wholesale inquires:

Simona Maghen is represented by Showroom Five 21 located in the New Mart:

127 E. 9 th St. LA CA 90015, Suite #600



Lindie Sayman

Throughout her entire life, Lindie Sayman has always had a deep connection with fashion. Growing up in Indonesia, she was inspired by the art of batik and mastered the artisanal process of creating patterns and sewing dresses by high school. The symbolism of her national culture is evident in the variety of textiles -- with their shapes, colors, and arrangements associated with special meanings. While pursuing her bachelor’s degree in accounting and working a full-time job as a controller in commercial real estate company, she still managed to dedicate time to design clothes influenced by her fashion upbringing -- turning her passion into an enduring, fulfilling hobby. 

In August 2016, Lindie created The Lindsshh -- a haute couture clothing line which is comprised of batik and modern-inspired garments she designed, cut, and sewed on her own. Light materials, ethnic prints, concise cuts, as well as metallic and colorful woven threads symbolize a blend of bohemian chic and traditional ceremony. Her collections have been featured in several shows throughout Southern California.

In the beginning of 2017, The Lindsshh revamped its collection which was created by the hands of many women around the world. Motivated to help women, as well as children diagnosed with autism and Asperger syndrome, Lindie has produced high quality clothing inspired by the strong females while dedicating a portion of the proceeds for women and autistic children in need. 

A bridge between two worlds, The Lindsshh collection offers intricate fabrics influenced by Indonesian culture to highlight the extravagance and vitality of women from all over the globe. 


Lindie Sayman 

Lindiesayman@lindsshh. com 


Christopher Lopez

 From an art canvas, art exhibits, the runway, to the WWE wrestling ring. Artist and Fashion Designer, Christopher Lopez enjoys putting his creative talents to work when exploring the wonderful limitless world of fashion. Whether creating an art piece of designing a garment, Lopez always likes to tell a story through his work. He loves working with themes and concepts and being able to execute that story through the visual language of art and design. Tonight, he will be showcasing his debut fashion collection entitled “ROAR”, which is inspired by a clash of the glitz and glamour of the roaring 1920s, art deco architecture, and the punk rock subculture and lifestyle. ROAR is for the glamorous and rebellious. It is all about the roar of the music, the art of movement, attitude, and for the fearless empowered and fashionable rebellious man and woman. 

You can find him on instagram @clopezdesigns


Frankie Lewis


"Born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, I am the proud  owner and executive designer of Ann DeEvelyn  Clothing Company. I received my Bachelors of Science Degree in Theater Arts from the University of Louisville. Because of my theater roots, my pieces always have a subtle touch of drama and feel like a performance on their own. My work has been featured in Extol Magazine, Louisville Magazine,  and KMAC Couture: Art Walks the Runway as well as a mention in Vogue Italia. With 10 years of design and sewing experience, I take pride in delivering unique and original designs to my


You may recognize Frankie from Project Runway Season 17.